23SK Rocks and Minerals Starter Kit (grades 6-12)

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Rocks and Minerals Starter Kit

book not included, please order separately
WE SUPPLY the following items in quantities that serve one student or two students working in a lab pair: sand with mica, sea shells, granite, basalt, hydrochloric acid, Epsom salts, sugar, salt, pepper, chalk, candles, masking tape, modeling clay, pie tins, microscope slides, eye droppers, test tubes, 100 mL graduated cylinders, film canisters, lids, marbles. YOU SUPPLY pliers, brick, egg cartons, safety goggles, pocket calculator, tubs, and lab balances. (Purchase Weighing #05 to make an improvised balance accurate to 0.01 g. Or buy the Pocket Gram Scale, listed below, accurate to 0.1 g.)