#63 Peaceful Procedures (grades 1-8)

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Soft-bound, 84 page book, 19 classroom management strategies for the self-contained classroom.
Practical information like this should be core material in any course on educational methods. Peaceful techniques help you cope creatively with all major classroom responsibilities: how to write lesson plans, test students, maintain records, work with family members, manage homework, establish discipline, and more. Thirty clear, attractive, reproducible forms help you organize strategies and manage information. Backed by years of classroom development, this book takes stress out of day-to-day teaching, and puts satisfaction back in. Note: check the "Master Teacher" tab on the left for special offers on Master Teacher sets.

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1. PURPOSE: To reflect on our ideals and goals as teachers. To recognize that peace is possible.

2. PREPARATION: To develop useful lesson plans and schedules.

3. PERFORMANCE: To learn how to evaluate student performance and maintain records.

4. PARTNERSHIP: To develop a useful learning partnership with family members.

5. PRACTICE: To learn how to assign meaningful, manageable homework.

6. PARTICIPATION: To assist students in becoming self-managers, to take responsibility for their own learning.