10SK Analysis Starter Kit (grades 5-10)

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Analysis Starter Kit

book not included, please order separately
WE SUPPLY in quantities that serve one student or two students working in a lab pair: sublimed sulfur, alum, baking soda, corn starch, salt, fine-grained confectioners sugar, sand, cleanser, garden lime, aspirin tablets, seltzer tablets, ascorbic acid, ammonia, vinegar, tincture of iodine, aluminum foil, waxed paper, candles, red and blue litmus paper, masking tape, 10 mL graduated cylinder, dropper bottles, eye droppers, clothespins, bottle caps, index cards, straight pins. YOU SUPPLY purple cabbage, can of beets, heat source for drying (Bunsen burner, hot plate or warm radiator), and lab balances. (Purchase Weighing #05 to make an improvised balance accurate to 0.01 g. Or buy the Pocket Gram Scale, listed under the get materials link, accurate to 0.1 g.