#71 Primary Lentil Science - Get Materials

Key: When stated, quantities estimate amounts you need to supply a single learning station set up in the corner of your classroom or home. Click here for a printable pdf Quick Start Guide which lists materials and set up needed for each chapter.

Items included in support kit:
Baby food jars: small (2 1/2 oz), medium (4 oz), and large (6 oz) sizes. These are also labeled 1st, 2nd and 3rd foods, respectively, under the Gerber's brand.
8 oz. mayonnaise jar
Assorted plastic vials (see Quick Start Guide for sizes, can also be ordered separately - see below)
40 bottle caps
6x6 inch piece of 1/4 inch hardware cloth (wire screen)
6x6 inch piece of 1/8 inch hardware cloth (wire screen)
4 magnets
30 BB's
60 craft sticks
Double lid or bottle connector
One Job Box: a corrugated cardboard box, about 19 x 14 x 3 inches, commonly supplied by nurseries to carry potted plants. Seamless bottom is highly desirable. Other trays or containers with similar dimensions also work.
Scoop (made out of a quart or pint milk carton)
Recyclables and special materials not included in support kit. Starred* items may be purchased individually (see below).:
4 pounds lentils
Bag of pinto beans or sort 75 pintos out of bean mix
Two bags of bean mix (15 or 16 bean variety soup mix)
3 medium cans (15-16 oz.)
Quart milk carton
Half gallon milk carton
Old towel or cloth
6 half-liter bottles with lids
5 one-liter bottles with lids
24 oz. water bottle
Two liter soft drink bottle
8 oz. Yogurt tub
6 oz. Tuna can
5 one pound margarine tubs
Small yogurt lid
1x2 inch piece of flat, translucent plastic (from a clamshell food container or deli lid)
Spoon, a metal or plastic teaspoon works best
Paper towel tube or other cardboard tube about 11 inches long
10 empty toilet tissue rolls
10 pennies
5 marbles
Small glass mirror
Plastic drinking straw
Funnel made from a 1- or 2-liter plastic beverage bottle
Two wood blocks (2x4's cut to 15 inches long, or substitute with 4 bricks or other prop)
* 10 clear plastic cups (10 oz, tall, tapered cups)
* Clothespin
* Paper plate
* 2 baby food jar lids
* Canning ring and lid
Optional items:
A box and a brick. (Serves as an optional storage cabinet for student folders.)
* 6 film canisters with snap-on lids, or equivalent. (used for storage of smaller items)
Quart jar (used for storing bean mix)
5 one-gallon jugs (used for storage)
Plastic sandwich bag (used for storage)
Lab coats (recycle old white shirts)
Teacher student supplies to have on hand. (Most of these are used in preparing student materials) Starred* items may be purchased individually (see below):
Blank paper (recycle the back sides unused photocopies)
14 index cards (4 x 6 inches)
A paper punch tool
A pair of quality scissors
A pair of blunt student scissors
A stapler
A bottle of white glue
Crayons, colored markers, and colored pencils (optional)
Clear 2-inch packaging tape
* Electrical tape
* Clear tape
* A roll of masking tape
* Box of paper clips
* 30 Medium rubber bands
Assorted tools needed for those who purchase only the book without the support kit: hacksaw; toenail scissors with a curved pointed blade; wire cutters or shears.
Paper Clips, box of 100
Regular price $1.60
Rubber Bands - Assorted
Regular price $1.50
Clothespins - per 10
Regular price $1.15
Tape - Masking
Regular price $2.40
Tape - Clear
Regular price $2.20
Cups, Plastic - per 10
Regular price $2.10
Paper Plates, per 20
Regular price $3.25