#44 Scale the Universe - Get Materials

Starred* items may be purchased below.
ruled notebook paper
pencils with good erasers
calculators (scientific calculators are a nice option)
* a roll of masking tape
* rolls of clear tape (or pre-hang strips from students' desks)
* straight pins
soda cans
meter sticks
a stapler
metric desk rulers
* paper clips
* hand lenses (optional)
magnetic compasses (optional)
drawing compasses (optional)
waxed paper (alternative to drawing compass)
a roll of string (nonelastic kite string is ideal)
Straight Pins - approx. 150
Regular price $3.00
Paper Clips, box of 100
Regular price $1.60
Tape - Masking
Regular price $2.40
Tape - Clear
Regular price $2.20
Magnifier - Hand Lens
Regular price $1.95