#38 Green Thumbs: Radishes - Get Materials

Key: (1st/2nd) denote needed quantities: (1st) enough for 1 student doing all activities; (2nd) for 30 students organized into 15 lab pairs. Starred* items may be purchased below.

1/15: cardboard milk cartons, half gallon
1/15: pairs scissors, some heavy-duty. Blunt-nosed children's scissors aren't strong enough to cut through milk cartons.
* 1/3: rolls masking tape
1/3: rolls soft, absorbent paper towels
1/15: ball-point pens
1/3: plastic milk jugs, gallon size, optional for carrying water (or pitchers)
1/2: packets radish seeds from garden store -- generally sold in 4-5 gram envelopes. Choose any fast-growing summer type, maturing in 3-4 weeks, such as Champion or Scarlet Globe.
1/30: file folders (or notebooks)
* 1/2: rolls aluminum foil. Twelve-inch width works best.
2/30: index cards, 4x6 inch size
1/15: size-D batteries -- dead or alive
* 1/3: rolls transparent tape -- matte 'write-on' type (or masking tape)
1/6: quarts commercial potting mix -- ordinary garden soil may introduce molds, fungi, or pests into your growing system.
1/15: styrofoam trays. Meat trays are suitable, equivalent in area to a half sheet of paper, no more than 1 inch deep. Lids cut from styrofoam egg cartons also work.
1/30: sharp pencils with soft, clean erasers
* 5/75: baby food jars with lids -- assorted sizes OK
1/1: roll plastic wrap
* 2/30: paper clips
1/15: jars with lids -- pint or quart size
1/1: box table salt
1/1: bottle vinegar
1/5: drinking glasses (or beakers)
1/5: teaspoons
* 1/15: hand lenses (optional)

Paper Clips, box of 100
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Tape - Masking
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Magnifier - Hand Lens
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