#31 Perfect Balance - Get Materials

Key: (1st/2nd/3rd) denote needed quantities: (1st) enough for 1 student doing all activities; (2nd) enough for 30 students working in self-paced pairs; (3rd) enough for 30 students working in pairs on the same lesson. Starred* items may be purchased below.

1/15/15 scissors
* 1/1/1 roll, clear tape
* 1/1/1 roll, masking tape
* 1/15/15 spring-action clothespins
1/1/1 "pincushion" material (styrofoam or cardboard or cork or ...)
* 1/1/1 package, straight pins
1/15/15 pop-top soda cans with attached finger tabs (may substitute small soda bottles or small milk cartons)
* 3/30/30 boxes standard-sized paper clips, 1 brand only (only 3 boxes needed if you do the last activity as a teacher demonstration)
1/15/15 cups sand (may substitute gravel, beans, or other ballast material)
* 1/1/1 lump modeling clay
1/4/15 index cards, standard 3x5 inch
10/40/150 thumbtacks (or pushpins) -- must be heavier than your paper clips
1/1/1 package each: pinto beans, popcorn, lentils and long-grained rice
1/10/15 calculators
1/4/15 objects to weigh: post-1982 pennies, nickels, notebook paper
1/4/15 other objects to weigh: such as nails, pencils, crayons, erasers, bottle caps, chalk, corks, rubber stoppers, cotton balls, marbles, beads, buttons, key chains, bobby pins, pen caps, packing peanuts, etc.
1/1/1 margarine tub or equivalent bowl
Paper Clips, box of 100
Regular price $1.60
Straight Pins - approx. 150
Regular price $3.50
Tape - Clear
Regular price $2.20
Clay - Modeling
Regular price $1.70
Clothespins - per 10
Regular price $1.15
Tape - Masking
Regular price $2.40